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Dr. Rene Lien


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The path of hypnosis for Rene Lien was not smooth, he has studied economics, psychology, counseling and other courses in the early age. He bumped into hypnosis while he was in his third year of Psychology, from then on he found his way and by the end he rooted at hypnotherapy in UK.

Dr. Lien is the first person who entitled as the Fellow of hypnotherapy and Ph.D. in Psychology at the same time.

Rene has been to Europe and Asia, in those days, besides experiencing and augmenting the life, he also has been to Moscow University and has visited the psychotherapy consulting room of Freud in Austria. On the journey, he had met many different friends and cultures, everyone were extremely earnest to the mind health. He also benefits a great deal during the journey and his thought also broadmindedly and straightens out.

After the journey, Rene knew that he is looking for something more. Therefore he once became a monk and followed the senior Buddhist master name達道, he then aware that it was not the prefect time for him before he can finished all his business. His attitude and behavior was totally changed by the time he asked for leave from the Buddhism. The impact was huge although the time being a monk was not long. When compared the Buddhist studies with hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and psychological counselling, he finds that the subjects are sharing some common directions and ideas.

There are differences between Eastern and Western culture, therefore the way of hypnosis treatment for the westerner is certainly not able to apply on the Easterner in total. After passes through the unceasing research and verify for many times by Rene, the hypnosis method of treatment which suits for the Oriental's then starts to form.

Besides meeting clients, Rene now uses most of his time to teach and promote hypnosis and hope more people understand the knowledge and gain advantages of hypnotherapy treatment and exempt the chance of being deceived.

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